Boohoo: PR Pioneers and Scandal Survivors

Boohoo PR Problems

Boohoo’s humble beginnings

The ultra-fast rise of ultra-fast fashion

Virtual clothes rails

Boohoo PR all up in your socials

  • Targeted advertising: By using influencers, Boohoo targeted their demographic with pinpoint accuracy — and they got them good. Influencers who are all about style and fashion will naturally attract an audience with the same interests. Pair that with the fact that under-30s are the most engaged and influenced by social media, and it’s a clear recipe for success.
  • Engaging advertising: While a 20-something might not pay that much attention to a TV ad while they’re checking their DMs, you can be certain they’ll stop to watch their favourite influencer’s 20-minute long ‘Boohoo clothing haul’ video, where the latest collection will be modelled and discussed in enthusiastic detail.
  • Promotions: If budget-friendly on-trend clothes inspired by your favourite celeb aren’t enough, how about a discount? Boohoo typically supplies influencers with a discount code they can offer to their audiences. The influencer then takes a cut of the sales they generate (which may explain why they JUST LOVE that dress so much).
  • Huge reach: Influencers are usually active across multiple social media platforms and typically have large followings on each. So whether it’s Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube, the things they advertise aren’t easily missed by their audience. An audience that just so happens to be Boohoo’s demographic.

Boohoo PR challenges: The unflattering Leicester factory scandal

The backlash

Saving face

Not a good look

An image change

Can a big enough brand survive any scandal?

Picture: Felisha Tolentino
  • Transparency: It might have taken a while, but Boohoo finally came clean to the world with the independent review they promised when news of the scandal broke in 2020. While it was scathing, to say the least, it fully exposed the extent of Boohoo’s shortcomings.
  • Accountability: Boohoo then accepted these shortcomings, condemned them, and vowed to do better. So much so that zoomers felt they could get their fashion fix again, with a clear conscience.

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A straight-talking, hardworking ex-senior journo turned PR pro with 25 years in the business, a book full of contacts, and a nose for a story.

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Jill Kent aka PR Superstar

Jill Kent aka PR Superstar

A straight-talking, hardworking ex-senior journo turned PR pro with 25 years in the business, a book full of contacts, and a nose for a story.

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