What are PR Stunts, Anyway?

PR stunt: Meaning

  • Need to be interesting, strange or original. In other words, not ‘business as usual’
  • Are short or one-off events, not long-term campaigns
  • Rely on viral marketing, where people share footage of the stunt to their friends, resulting in exponential reach. For more on making viral content, read: How to Make Your Content ‘Go Viral’

Why are PR stunts good for publicity?


PR stunts are an opportunity to differentiate your brand by highlighting your brand values

A great example of this came from Weight Watchers in 2018. To celebrate the new launch of their weight-loss programme, Flex, Weight Watchers launched a healthy food drive-through in London’s Borough Market for one day in January.

PR stunts can offer a great return-on-investment

You might wince at the cost of floating a 50-foot rubber duck down the Thames. But the attention it brought was worth much more to Jackpotjoy.com, the bingo site that organised the stunt, in 2012.

Engineering your own PR stunt: ideas and examples

When things go wrong: PR stunt examples

When it comes to PR stunt ideas, knowing what not to do might be the most important thing of all.

Not putting your money where your mouth is

Failing to read the room

Just being plain ridiculous

Five Best PR Stunt Examples from the Last Decade

So what PR stunts stand head and shoulders from everybody else? Here are five of PR Superstar’s favourite PR stunts from the last decade, in no particular order.

Elon Musk goes up, up and away with SpaceX

Range Rover’s PR stunt that tricked everyone

Taylor Swift’s feud with Apple. A PR stunt?

Burger King clowns McDonald’s with ‘Escape the Clown’

Greggs’ vegan sausage roll



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Jill Kent aka PR Superstar

Jill Kent aka PR Superstar

A straight-talking, hardworking ex-senior journo turned PR pro with 25 years in the business, a book full of contacts, and a nose for a story.